Changes to improve traffic flow on A47 after delay complaints

Traffic on the slip road and A47 at Postwick, where work is underway constructing the Postwick Hub J

Traffic on the slip road and A47 at Postwick, where work is underway constructing the Postwick Hub Junction. Photo: Steve Adams

Changes to improve traffic flow on the eastbound A47 at Postwick, near Norwich, are being introduced after motorists complained that work on the junction was causing excessive delays.

Work started less than two weeks ago to create what is known as the Postwick Hub – the junction to the east of Norwich where the A47 meets Yarmouth Road. But drivers have since taken to social media sites to complain about the long delays it has been causing.

Traffic on the road has been monitored by Norfolk County Council and while the traffic management has operated satisfactorily during most of the day and evening, it said there have been longer queues and delays during the morning and evening peak periods.

Since work started, one lane of the eastbound A47 has been shut for a 1.5mile stretch at Postwick. This means that all traffic has to filter into a single lane, including traffic taking the slip road off the A47.

Under the new arrangements, both lanes will be open. However, the inside lane will only be used for traffic taking the slip road off the A47. All other Great Yarmouth-bound traffic will have to move into the outside lane, and the inside lane will be closed from the slip road.

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To make this change, the A47 will be closed overnight on Thursday, May 29, with the new layout in place by the following morning. David Harrison, Norfolk County Council's cabinet member for environment, transport, development and waste, said: 'We are sorry that the lane restrictions caused more problems than expected during morning and evening peaks.

'The original layout followed national design standards, but we have now got Highways Agency approval to a revised layout that we hope will help reduce delays. The change is being made as soon as possible.'

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