Temporary respite for drivers is set to end this weekend as a busy road closes once more.

Having been temporarily reopened for three weeks amid the continuing third crossing roadworks in Lowestoft, Waveney Drive will close again on Sunday.

The well-used road at Waveney Drive was reopened in both directions on August 14 to mitigate effects on traffic in Lowestoft from other unconnected roadworks, including allowing for the installation of a safety scheme near Pakefield Primary School.

From Sunday, September 4, Waveney Drive will close again until the end of the year to allow for the completion of the roundabout and associated works on the Gull Wing crossing.

A post on the Gull Wing bridge Twitter page said: "From 9.30am on Sunday, September 4 Waveney Drive will re-close to allow the continued construction of the Southern Roundabout.

"We anticipate it to remain closed until December 2022.

"All access to Riverside Business Park will be from the west via the new road – Colin Law Way - as Riverside Road will be closed.

"Pedestrians and cyclists to observe pedestrian diversion signs and cyclist dismount requirements."

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