Today’s Pub of the week is The Mulberry in Unthank Road, Norwich, formerly known as the Rose Valley Tavern

They say first impressions count and you certainly know immediately when you enter a pub whether you like it or not – and the Mulberry in Unthank Road grabs you straightaway.

It's spacious, bright and airy and it's a great place to watch the world go by. The food and drinks are pretty good, too.

Jessie Rowley has been the manager for more than a year and likes it so much she's holding her wedding reception there in about a week's time.

She previously worked at Orgasmic in Queen Street and the Langtry, also in Unthank Road, which is also part of businesswoman Sarah Jane Roberts' portfolio of pubs and restaurants.

She said: 'I came here because the surroundings are lovely, the area is great, and it's also quite new, and it's getting busier and busier.

'I would even urge people to book for breakfast now, it's that popular.

'I also live in this area. The customers are nice and you don't get any riffraff.'

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She described it as a 'girly' pub, and there are definitely girl-friendly aspects, with mirrors on the wall, and comfy sofas to relax on, although that does not mean men are not just as welcome.

Customers can often watch burly builders drinking tea and coffee from the dainty vintage crockery in the pub.

She added: 'I think residents are thankful that we took it over. It's a different pub to how it used to be, and some of the people who used to come in, would find the flowers in the pub and the light, airy feel different.

'They would also find it strange drinking from our vintage crockery, which we get from the charity shop up the road.

'But I'm sure they would enjoy the real ales we serve, which are proving more and more popular.'

Competition for customers in the Golden Triangle is fierce, but she said the Mulberry had its own clientele.

'The Langtry is predominantly students and more pub-based.

'Our clientele are local residents, and, mainly, an older crowd, over 25s.'

The Evening News through our Love your Local campaign has been urging people to use or lose local pubs.

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