'We know who they are' - two thieves raid church foodbank

Picture: David Jones/PA Wire

Thieves have stolen food, cash and vouchers from the foodbank in Brandon - Credit: PA

Thieves have been caught on CCTV stealing food, cash and vouchers intended for a town's needy families.

Two men targeted the community foodbank at the Church Institute on London Road in Brandon, near Thetford.

Dennis Coburn, curate at St Peter's Church, posted on social media: "The Church Institute is saddened to announce that two men in Brandon felt the need to break into our community food bank and help themselves to the food that was on offer for free anyway.

"Not only that but they decided to borrow our safe containing some cash donations made to the foodbank and some Tesco vouchers already allocated to families in need in Brandon."

Mr Coburn added the men had already been identified and their details passed to the police.

"The awful thing is we also know who it was, someone who usually benefits from food in the foyer, it was all recorded on our CCTV," he said.

"So we know who it is, when they did it, where they live and the police said someone will give us a call on Saturday to talk about it."

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