Thetford school administrator took her own life after fearing she had made accounting mistake

Karon Boyce, 57, a school administrator at Raleigh Infant School in Thetford took her own life.

Karon Boyce, 57, a school administrator at Raleigh Infant School in Thetford took her own life. - Credit: Archant

A much-loved school administrator from Thetford committed suicide after fearing she had made a mistake with the school's finances, an inquest heard on Wednesday.

The inquest, at Norfolk Coroner's Court yesterday, was told that Karon Boyce, 57, from Thetford, died from blood loss on April 7.

After being unable to contact his mother, Ms Boyce's son, Andrew Boyce, went to her home in Primrose Close, Thetford. He discovered his mother's body in the bathroom.

In a statement, Mr Boyce said: 'The back door was unlocked and her car was there so I knew she was home. I saw mum's dog in the window. I called out to mum but got no reply.

'I went into the bathroom and it was clear she had passed away, I had no indication from mum she was likely to harm herself in any way. Rather than confide in people she was the sort of person who would bottle things up.'

Ms Boyce had suffered from anxiety for a long period of time - but it had been under control.

In the weeks leading up to her death she had become stressed and anxious after she thought she had made a mistake at work.

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She had worked at Raleigh Infant School, for 18 years, and believed she had made a mistake with the school's finances, meaning that they had overspent.

Daphne Rothwell, headteacher at Raleigh Infant School, said in a statement: 'Karon did so much for the school... Thinking back there had been a slow change. Gradually things became more obvious, Karen came to me clearly agitated telling me she had made a mistake, she told me I should sack her and when I told her there was nothing to sack her for, she wouldn't listen.

'I said she should see her doctor - she was worried other people would find out if she spoke to someone. I told her it was fine and there was no overspending and on the last day of term I had a chat with Karen but she kept going round in circles.'

Karon Boyce also contacted her GP, Jon Bryson, of School Lane Surgery, in Thetford, to say she felt under stress with work and looking after her ill mother - she was also struggling to sleep. She was prescribed sleeping pills.

Mr Bryson said that she had 'no mental health issues' and 'she said she had no suicidal inclinations'.

A follow-up appointment was made for April 6, however she did not attend.

The surgery did not attempt to contact Ms Boyce after she missed her appointment. Mr Bryson said this 'may have been an opportunity missed'.

- If you need to contact The Samaritans, call 01603 116123

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