‘There’s a Porsche in my hedge!’ - Suton man finds second crashed sports car in six weeks

Robert Ashton has found two Porsches in the hedge outside his house in six weeks.

Robert Ashton has found two Porsches in the hedge outside his house in six weeks. - Credit: Archant

For most, waking up to a Porsche outside the front door would be a dream come true.

But for Robert Ashton, the sight is becoming a nightmare after two of the sport cars crashed into the hedge outside his house in six weeks.

Mr Ashton, who lives on London Road, Suton, near Wymondham, saw the unusual sight yesterday morning when he went to get his bins - in exactly the same place as he found one six weeks earlier.

'It is the same bit – probably about 10 yards from where the first one crashed,' the social entrepreneur and business speaker said.

Although no-one was injured, Mr Ashton said that it could have been a 'close call'.

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'I think the first one was cliché young blood showing off to his girlfriend. I think they were roaring away from the roundabout and they lost it and disappeared in to the hedge.'

But Mr Ashton said that he had no idea how the second one ended up there - and added that the car is still outside.

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'I assume someone is coming to take it away,' he said.

Although Mr Ashton, 58, said that the accidents were 'quite irritating' because it made a hole in his hedge, he admitted that he found it amusing.

Do you have any information on the mystery Porsche sightings – or have you been affected? Contact newsdesk@archant.co.uk

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