There are five Community Chest tokens up for grabs in today’s EDP

Just the ticket - Community Chest collection boxes that are in heavy demand. Archant facilities help

Just the ticket - Community Chest collection boxes that are in heavy demand. Archant facilities help desk manager Andrew Holmes .Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Community Chest starter packs have been leaving the office in stacks - and now there are five tokens up for grabs.

In today's Eastern Daily Press, there is a handful of red tokens to cut and collect and pledge your support to a group in the region.

More than 100 non-profit community organizations have collected our great starter packs, including a golden ticket, and are hoping to receive a piece of January's fantastic £15,000 prize pot.

With tokens being printed in every copy of the EDP, there is no time to waste.

All you need to do is put yours into a Community Chest box to help groups reach their 500 token target.

Throughout the year, the Eastern Daily Press' campaign, in association with the Norfolk Community Foundation, will be injecting cash into projects that will help to transform entire communities.

Charities, support groups, sports teams and churches are just some of the few already taking part.

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There is £100,000 to giveaway in 2016 and everyone month and the beneficiaries will receive a grant of between £250 and £2500.

Our five dragons will have the difficult job of choosing the winners everyone month. Nigel Pickover, the Eastern Daily Press' editor-in-chief is one of the judges, he said: 'We've been delighted that so many collection boxes have already been picked up so that groups can get the 500 tokens they need to enter each month. Our tokens appear every day in the EDP, five on Saturdays and there's a 50 token golden ticket inside the rather splendid collection box!'

There are plenty of starter packs - which include leaflets, posters, a collection box and the all important golden ticket - at EDP offices across the region.

For more information, rules and an entry form visit

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