The pint glass is half full for Norwich slimmer who shed 10 stone

Paul Barrett before his weight loss

Paul Barrett before his weight loss - Credit: Ian Bullock

A Norwich slimmer is feeling ale and hearty after banishing his beer belly by losing 10st in weight in the space of only 15 months.

Paul Barrett, after his weight loss, enjoys a pint at the Trafford Arms

Paul Barrett, after his weight loss, enjoys a pint at the Trafford Arms - Credit: Ian Bullock

Real ale fan Paul Barrett, 45, shed the pounds with help from Bignold Slimming World group, tightening his buckle from a belt-bursting 52-inch waist to a trim 36ins in only 15 months.

But the Norwich software engineer has still been able to enjoy his daily pint – as well as attending beer festivals across the country.

Mr Barrett, who lives in Brunswick Road, said: 'I love my beer and I'm a member of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). I visit quite a few beer festivals every year and was worried that joining Bignold Slimming World would mean the end of my real ale hobby.

'Amazingly, it hasn't. I've been able to incorporate some beer into my Slimming World healthy eating plan and have still managed to lose weight successfully and dramatically.

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'So I've really been enjoying the best of both worlds and am absolutely delighted.'

Mr Barrett, a regular at the city's Trafford Arms pub who has worked in IT at Aviva for 25 years, and who trains at Dynamic Fitness in Ber Street, has always struggled with his weight.

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He said: 'I remember being overweight at primary school – we did a project where we graphed out the heights and weights of everyone in our class and I was the heaviest by quite a large amount.

'As an adult, I was putting on about half a stone a year and feared that I would reach 30st at the age of 50, with all the associated medical problems.

'Before my GP referred me to Slimming World, I would often pop to my local corner shop if I had no food in the house and buy rubbish– crisps, biscuits and ice-cream – before going home and eating the lot.

'The Slimming World eating plan is really easy to follow and, of course, far healthier.'

Since starting to lose weight, he has become more active – with hobbies including personal training sessions, circuit training and power walking.

'I can now run without getting out of breath and, in September, I successfully completed a hill running event in Norwich, running up the very steep Southgate Lane three times. I felt so proud when I collected my medal at the end.'

Karen Curtis, the consultant who runs the group, said: 'Paul is clearly very sociable and, like many of his friends, has a passion for real ale.

'He has demonstrated, however, that you really can enjoy what you eat and drink as part of the Slimming World plan – and still have remarkable, life-changing weight losses.'

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