The force awakens brick by brick for Fakenham couple assembling a galaxy far, far away

Adrian and Diane Fletcher are exhibiting their Star Wars Lego collection at Fakenham Racecourse in A

Adrian and Diane Fletcher are exhibiting their Star Wars Lego collection at Fakenham Racecourse in August. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Adrian and Diane Fletcher have spent two years painstakingly putting together more than 100,000 pieces of Lego to build replicas from the Star Wars films.

From X-Wings to Naboo Fighters and AT-AT walkers to the Death Star itself, the couple have amassed a hoard of sets which span the decades and all seven films from the franchise.

Inspired by their 15-year-old son Tom they started collecting Lego around six years ago, before deciding to specialise on Star Wars kits. They are now planning to showcase all their work at an exhibition at Fakenham Racecourse in the summer. They already have around 350 kits filling up their Fakenham home and are looking to add to their collection before then.

Mr Fletcher said: 'You name it, we have it. We have some big ones like the Death Star, which is something like 1,300 pieces, then smaller sets and individual models.'

Mrs Fletcher, who builds all the models, said: 'Each one can take anywhere from two or three hours to three days.

'I'm often up at the crack of dawn building, then I go to work, then I come back and I am up late working on them.'

Despite Tom having influenced the collection, and taking on an advisory role, the models are strictly off limits and Mrs Fletcher said they are not toys.

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'He's not allowed to touch them,' she said. 'He has got some of his own to play with but these ones are not toys.'

For their show the couple are hoping to create scenes from the films, although not exactly as they were seen on screen, to showcase the vast collection. Among those scenes they hope to recreate include the battle on Endor at the end of Return of the Jedi, famous for the furry Ewoks, and Jabba the Hutt's base.

The event at Fakenham Racecourse is due to take place from August 11 to August 14 with all sales taking place on the final day.

'There are some pieces I'm in two minds whether to sell,' said Mrs Fletcher. 'The Death Star is my absolute favourite but it is a case of either it all goes or nothing goes, so it is all going.'

Hours, and thousands of pounds, have been spent tracking down some elusive pieces with many parts no longer being made.