The aftermath of the A47 bus fire in pictures

Bus fire on A47 near Acle.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Bus fire on A47 near Acle.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

These pictures show the charred remains of a bus which caught fire in a lay-by near the A47.

The our-hire bus, branded as Our Bus, caught fire just after 1.20pm this afternoon (September 1).

Three fire engines attended the scene, one from Acle, one from Great Yarmouth and one from Carrow, although the latter left the scene after six minutes.

Crews used main and hose reel jets to extinguish the fire and then spent over an hour dampening down the blaze.

The lay by is about one mile from Acle on the Yarmouth-bound side of the carriageway.

The driver of the bus was the owner of the company Jerry Cushing who was unhurt in the fire.

Mr Cushing said he was driving the bus and noticed smoke coming from the engine at the back of the bus.

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He pulled into a lay-by near the slip road to Acle and then the bus caught fire.

Fortunately there were no passengers on board at the time.

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