Could forgotten fortune of nearly £500,000 be yours? It’s one of 80 unclaimed estates in Norfolk and Waveney

Hundreds of thousands of pounds has yet to be claimed from estates in Norfolk and Waveney. Pic: John

Hundreds of thousands of pounds has yet to be claimed from estates in Norfolk and Waveney. Pic: John Stillwell/PA Wire - Credit: PA

The forgotten £500,000 fortune of a 70-year-old woman who died more than a decade ago is one of dozens of unclaimed estates with links to Norfolk and Waveney.

The Treasury keeps records of estates which have gone unclaimed - and there are 78 estates with Norfolk and Waveney connections among the 10,000 entries on the public list.

Unclaimed estates are left when people die without making a will, or who have no next of kin.

And that could give people who can prove their connection to them the chance to claim hundreds of thousands.

The values of the estates are not revealed by the Treasury, but details published by the estate hunting firm Fraser and Fraser values one of the estates at close to half a million pounds.

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That is the estate of Crystal Hephzibah Gardner, who was born in Aylsham on August 18, 1937. She was unmarried when she died at the age of 70 in Marsham on August 4, 2008. Fraser and Fraser say her estate is valued at £497,518.

Less valuable estates include that of Michael Charles Cleare, born in Guyana on December 8, 1920, who died in Lowestoft on July 22, 2005, leaving an estate valued at £10,000.

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That was also the value for the estate of Margaret Hall, born on May 24, 1924, who died in Great Yarmouth on February 16, 2006.

And George William Perfect, born in Horningtoft on April 24, 1929, left an estate valued at £16,000 upon his death in King's Lynn on March 4, 2006.

People in the area may be entitled to these forgotten fortunes if they can prove they are related to one of the deceased who died without leaving a legal will.

Applications can be received up to 12 years after the person's death with interest on the money, or 30 years without.

If someone dies without leaving a valid will, then there is an order of priority for those entitled to the estate.

Husband, wife or civil partner are first, before children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, mother and father, siblings and nieces and nephews, half-brothers and sisters, grandparents, uncles and aunts and half uncles and aunts.

People who are not relatives, but who lived with them or care for them, might be able to apply for grants from the estate.

Visit to find out how to make a claim.

Norfolk and Waveney's Unclaimed Estates

Name Location and date of death Location and date of birth

Daphne Kathleen Adams Bungay 12/06/2015 Kingston, Surrey 27/09/1925

William Adams Great Yarmouth 19/06/2017 Geneva, Switzerland 02/10/1949

Alfred Frances Claude Anderton Norwich 02/10/1997 Isle of Man 11/06/1930

Audrey Baker Norwich 03/05/2007 Barnet 29/09/1932

Alex Benobid Norwich 14/01/1991 Morocco 23/07/1941

Anton Bodyk Norwich 01/02/2004 Poland 02/08/1922

Raymond Charles Bond Norwich 21/02/2001 Little Snoring 30/04/1914

Jim Brent King's Lynn 27/10/1998 Not known

Sarah Brighton Norwich 02/12/2012 Norwich 10/09/1957

Vera Broome Norwich 19/02/2011 Norwich 04/12/43

Alexander John Burton High Kelling 17/09/1996 Norfolk 01/12/1924

Isabel Jill Carrette Colney 28/12/17 Richmond Upon Thames 09/04/1937

Robert Leslie Chase Great Yarmouth 04/10/2014 England 04/06/1918

Michael Charles Cleare Lowestoft 22/07/2005 Georgetown, Guyana 08/12/1920

John Collins Norwich 31/07/2007 Republic of Ireland 25/05/1917

James Cook King's Lynn 03/05/1989 Not known 11/02/1921

John Stanley Hood Cooper Norwich 25/11/1993 Norwich 21/02/1915

Evelyn Couniham Norwich 27/12/2003 Norwich 06/10/1925

Bertie Frank Cox King's Lynn 12/02/2003 Canada 15/06/1914

Dora Martha Frieda Dattner Aylsham 02/04/1990 Germany 19/03/1909

John Frederick Davis Great Yarmouth 07/12/2015 Burgh Castle 06/03/1921

Anthony Day Norwich 01/02/2008 London 02/02/1926

Robert Dunham Swanton Abbott 17/09/2016 Welwyn Garden City 25/08/1952

Leslie Paul Elliott Lowestoft 15/03/2011 Not known 26/06/1939

Norah Ellis Norwich 19/11/1993 Not known

Terence Hartly Emmott Cromer 31/01/2011 Not known 28/09/1933

Everlyn Flanders-Chapman Gorleston 31/05/2001 Not known 10/04/1906

Crystal Hephzibah Gardner Marsham 04/08/2008 Aylsham 18/08/1937

Mugove Zimbandi Gonese Gorleston 17/07/2016 Zimbabwe 26/11/1949

Alan Robert Arthur Goodrum Norwich 18/07/2017 Norwich 03/01/38

Robert Graham-Wright Great Yarmouth 30/01/2007 London 25/10/1916

Evelyn Ann Greives Great Yarmouth 31/07/1995 Not known

John Hajicosta King's Lynn 02/02/2013 Not known 31/12/1956

Philip David Hale Norwich 08/10/2014 Not known 05/06/1948

James Harris Horstead with Stanninghall 20/11/2014 Fulham 31/10/1934

Ernest Charles Harrison Waveney 19/06/1990 Norfolk 08/11/1908

Christopher Harrop Lowestoft 19/06/2017 Not known 10/02/1957

Joy Henderson Great Yarmouth 21/07/2017 Great Yarmouth 14/06/1932

Muriel Florence Hildgood North Walsham 22/04/1996 Norfolk 30/09/1918

Gertrude Irene Hood King's Lynn 08/02/2004 East Dereham 02/10/1913

William Stanley Howlett Witton 18/11/1990 Norwich 10/06/1919

Margaret Hull Great Yarmouth 16/02/2006 Not known 24/05/1924

John Kelly Great Yarmouth 21/04/2012 Ireland 11/11/1945

Sylvia Elizabeth Jane King East Carleton 16/09/1990 London 03/08/1934

Joseph Krawec Norwich 14/06/1992 Ukraine 04/08/1924

Zladislaw Kurowski Aylsham 30/01/1998 Poland 05/10/1927

Leslie Lawes Norwich 08/05/1997 Not known 30/05/1927

Philip Gerald Mahoney Thetford 27/03/2009 West Ham 04/04/1938

Ivan Mann Wroxham 10/10/2017 Norwich 05/03/1939

Langtry Withers McKibben Great Yarmouth 02/09/2012 Belfast 18/02/1953

Ralph Bruce McNeill Norwich 16/03/2018 London 03/10/1947

Elizabeth Melton King's Lynn 25/06/2010 Norfolk 14/11/1944

Kenneth Miles Lowestoft 22/02/2010 Palgrave 21/01/1939

Lee Moore Norwich 23/04/2017 Harrow 19/02/1946

Ian Nelson Melton Constable 10/12/2011 Not known 07/10/1943

Violet Maude May Newman Norwich 03/11/1999 Not known 31/05/1898

Violet Parfitt Norfolk 12/04/2005 Not known

Violet Esther Parker Swaffham 04/01/1999 Croydon 10/03/1909

William John Pearce Taverham 20/04/1997 London 31/12/1917

George William Perfect King's Lynn 04/03/2006 Horningtoft 24/04/1929

John Perry Dereham 27/11/2003 Not known

Rudolph Herman Potzler King's Lynn 25/10/1991 Germany 08/10/1911

Phillip Michael Pulley Norwich 10/03/2006 Norwich 30/11/1937

Stanislaw Redzik Norwich 22/12/1993 Poland 24/08/1926

Ewhen Repeckyj Norwich 15/06/1994 Ukraine 18/03/1923

Olwen Maud Robson King's Lynn 18/06/2012 Wales 24/07/1928

John Hamilton Runge Lowestoft 17/11/2016 Swansea 29/10/1931

Joseph Stanislaus Ryan Great Yarmouth 13/06/2000 Not known

Gustav Schultz Norwich 12/09/2000 Not known

Agatha Semak Aylsham 10/03/1999 Ukraine 22/02/1905

Alice Smith Norwich 25/02/2003 Norfolk 14/12/1916

Wladyslav Tanistra Aylsham 12/10/1997 Poland 02/01/1918

Brian Thorne Gorleston 24/06/2018 Not known 15/11/1944

Petro Tymkiw King's Lynn 01/08/2005 Ukraine 21/07/1927

Cyril Wiles Norwich 29/11/2010 Not known 16/05/1924

Ella Wilson Norfolk 09/12/1993 Not known

Dorothy Wood Wells-next-the-Sea 04/02/2002 Leeds 26/05/1921

William James Wright Thetford 23/12/2001 Not known 13/04/1947

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