Tesco threatened with enforcement action over Diss footpath

South Norfolk Council has threatened retail giant Tesco with enforcement action if it does not comply with a planning condition within the next three months.

When the Tesco superstore in Victoria Road, Diss, was granted planning permission in 2005, the approval was subject to conditions including the construction of a timber river side footpath to the rear of the building before trading commenced.

The condition was agreed to ensure the current access along the river was enhanced and a more permanent pathway was provided.

But despite the store having opened more than five years ago and repeated prompts from planning officers, work has yet to begin on the promised walk way.

Speaking at a meeting of the authority's planning committee yesterday, planning officer Claire Curtis said the adjacent Morrisons superstore had complied with the same condition.

She added that since Tesco had been made aware that the possibility of imposing enforcement action was to be discussed by councillors, a letter of apology had been received by the council from the company although no representative from the retailer was present at the meeting.

Mrs Curtis said despite the letter, officers were still keen that enforcement action be taken and suggested that Tesco be given three months to comply with their condition.

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'We have been in correspondence for quite a while and nothing has transpired out of that so we ask the authority to ensure that work to the footpath is carried out in accordance with the approved details,' she added.

The action was unanimously approved by committee members.

Councillor Murray Gray said: 'The fact that we got an apology as a result of this going on the agenda shows that it works when you put a bit of pressure on. They should have done it in 2005. It's pretty late but I suppose every little helps.'

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