Taverham pupils learn new techniques to help them in the classroom

Taverham Preparatory School has been exploring different ways of learning to help pupils discover how to excel in the classroom.

Sarah Menegaz, director of studies at the school, has been looking at visual, sound and physical learning methods.

Years five, six, seven and eight looked at memory techniques, condensing information, learning styles and association mapping.

And years three and four worked on exercising their minds.

Hannah Brecknell, from year eight, said: 'The way we were given different techniques to learn was very helpful and I am definitely going to try them out for my exams.' And Evie Andrews, form year seven, said: 'It was fun and it will help me to prepare for exams because I find it hard normally. I was taught a lot of useful new ways to learn.'

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Miss Menegaz said: 'It's a fact, we all learn in different ways.

'It's important for pupils to know how best to learn so they can get used to using some strategies and techniques that help them understand or remember things better.

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'It's also important for their teachers to know how best they learn so the teachers can present information in such a way that makes things accessible and easy to grasp and retain. The concept of learning styles is key to the delivery of effective personalised learning.'

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