Talented duo show their love for city

Two young musicians teamed up with an Estonian producer to sing the praises of the city they say is packed with talent.

Rapper and singer Arnob (pronounced Arnom) Basit and singer-songwriter Bill Downs have collaborated on a song which champions the relaxed feel, underestimated beauty and wealth of talent in our city.

The song's video, shot by Estonian producer Teele Killing, who graduated from City College Norwich on Ipswich Road in 2010, features artistic shots of London Street, the cobbled street of Elm Hill, Mousehold Heath, the River Yare and more.

With London and Manchester often seen as hot beds of talent, Mr Basit, 19, from Angel Road, was struck by our often overlooked city when he moved from London at the age of 15.

'I wanted to show how the stereotypes don't fit,' said Mr Basit, a student at Access to Music on King Street.

'You'd be amazed at how much talent there is here; it is so unheard of as Norwich is so serene, but the place really catches the vibe.

'I love the intimacy of the city. And everyone is so supportive of new talent.'

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The song is intended as an uplifting expression of pride. It praises how Norwich has a strong urban music scene but not problems with knife or gun crime. It champions the city as inspiring and a great place to express yourself without fear.

Mr Downs, 23, went to Sprowston High School. His band is called The Tracks and Mr Basit's band is called Cielo.

The two will be on Future Radio on Thursday, 8pm-10pm, and BBC Radio Norfolk soon.

Mr Basit was at Framingham Earl High and his family owns Angel Stores on Angel Road.

To see how many locations in the video you can recognise, visit www.youtube.com and search for Around This Town – Arnob Basit feat. Bill Downs.

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