Take a 360° tour of Norwich from the top of Prospect House

Panoramic shot from the top of Prospect House. Picture Elmulgraphic

Panoramic shot from the top of Prospect House. Picture Elmulgraphic - Credit: Archant

From Carrow Road to Norwich Castle, some of the city's best known landmarks can be seen from the top of Prospect House, the home of the publishers of the Eastern Daily Press and Evening News.

And two Norwich University of the Arts graduates have used cutting edge technology to capture a 360° image of the view from the roof of the Archant building.

Elliott Mulhall, 28, and James Diamond, 36, of Elmulgraphic started a project called #TheHighestHeights last year and have been making their way around some of Norwich's highest points to capture stunning 360° shots of the city.

The pair said: 'The project started after we were granted access to the roof of the St.John the Baptist Cathedral last summer and that resulted in over 80,000 views on Google Maps.'

After being recruited by top London photographic agency, ChangeThePicture, Elliott was trained by Google in producing high quality professional 360° photography. This skill along with opportunities gained by James at networking events has opened the doors to some of Norwich's highest buildings.

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So far they have taken shots from the top of the Westlegate Tower and The Forum and already have plans to do their work from the top of Norwich Castle and City Hall.

James said: 'We are constantly looking for more places in Norwich to photograph from the top of and everyday see a new place we want use.

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'We really want to do it from the top of one of the flood lights at Carrow Road but they will take a lot of work to sort due to health and safety as it could be dangerous.'

With the English weather being so unpredictable, even in the summer, it means the pair have to think carefully about when to shoot but surprisingly clear blue skies are not always the best.

'You actually get the best photographs when there are a few clouds in the sky as it adds some character and depth to the image,' said Elliott.

•To view all the photos from #TheHighestHeights project visit the Elmulgraphic Facebook page.

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