Tag team brothers leading British wrestling revival

Wrestling tag team brothers Zak, left, and Roy Knight are hoping to get a deal to put their wrestlin

Wrestling tag team brothers Zak, left, and Roy Knight are hoping to get a deal to put their wrestling company, WAW, on television. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2015

It's been nearly 30 years since British wrestling had millions of people glued to their televisions, watching the likes of Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks grunt and grapple on a Saturday afternoon.

Now the region's wrestling family are hoping once again to bring Britain's version of the sport back to the small screen, having seen it become dominated by American giants WWE.

Tag-team brothers, Zak and Roy Knight, collectively known as the UK Hooligans, are part of the World Association of Wrestling (WAW) and in January, the pair will be on the bill as the company records a TV pilot.

The weekend event, at Epic Studios, will be filmed and submitted to more than 60 television networks, in hopes of resurrecting the glory days of yesteryear.

Zak Knight, 24 of Wheatley Road, Norwich, said: 'We travel all over and do around 200 shows per year. We work just as hard as the American wrestlers, but we're nowhere near as well known, which is the power of television.'

Roy Knight, 34 of Easton, added: 'Initially, the big difference between us and the WWE was production; lights, entrances and pyrotechnics, but now we have that razzamataz too.'

Zak Knight continued: 'Our shows are much less like a soap opera: our main focus is less on all the talk, and more on the actual wrestling.'

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The WAW was founded in 1993 by the Hooligans' father, Ricky Knight, who was contacted by a Spanish television distributor, who helped to put the pilot taping together.

He added: 'We've had meeting upon meeting the past few months. It's been very hectic, but now we're very optimistic about the future of British wrestling on television.'

Despite the plans for WAW's television bow, however, the pair do still harbour ambitions of following their younger sister, who competes in America's WWE under the name of Paige, into the big leagues of America.

Zak Knight said: 'Obviously our dream is to be in America, there's been big campaigns on Facebook and Twitter from our fans calling for it too.'

His older brother added: 'We've spoken to agents and there is interest, but there are still barriers to overcome.'

The pair will get a taste of working with a major American talent in January, when WAW welcomes former WWE star Scott Hall, otherwise known as Razor Ramon to the event in January.

Full details on the event, which takes place on January 30/31, can be found on Facebook.