Suffolk Police’s Olympic bill

SUFFOLK Constabulary is facing a �350,000 bill to police Olympic-related events in the county.

Much of the cost is linked to the ensuring the safe passage of the Olympic torch through the county, according to figures put before Suffolk Police Authority. But this estimate does not include the amount which will be spent on sending officers to work alongside the Metropolitan Police in London, because this would be reimbursed.

Supt John Everett said the force needed to ensure Suffolk helped to deliver 'a safe and secure Games'.

He said: 'Delivering a safe and secure Olympic games will require the largest ever policing operation and Suffolk police will play its part, both locally and in support of the national operation.

'We continue to develop our planning in relation to delivering the Olympic Torch Relay, which will travel through the county for three days, requiring a level of policing. In addition, we anticipate and increase in local events over the summer period, including the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which we will need to support.'

Meanwhile, Mick Richardson, secretary of Suffolk Police Federation said he expected the cost of policing the Olympics would change as the event drew nearer. He said: 'Much of that cost will be as a result of the number of officers needed to work to protect the Olympic torch as it makes its way through the county.

'A number of officers will also be helping out in other areas and then our officers here will have to able to work sufficiently so that will have to be carefully planned. It is a national event and event of national pride but at the same time this is also a time where we are having to make cuts to spending.

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'I think that as we get nearer and nearer to the Olympics the costings could essentially change.'

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