Stunning images of Norfolk from the air as photographer stages first major exhibition

Norfolk is a stunning county at ground level. But a bird's eye view gives even this extraordinary place a new perspective.

Mike Page has arguably done more than anyone to bring to people's attention a new angle on the landscapes and locations that stitch together to make up the fabric of Nelson's County.

Now, after decades of capturing stunning aerial photographs, Mr Page is staging the first ever major exhibition of his work.

Scores of extraordinary views will be on display at the Photographer's Gallery on Cromer Road in Holt from July 24 until August 13.

A Birds Eye View of 'Bootiful' Norfolk provides a fascinating insight into the landscape in which we live.

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Mr Page's images are at their most dramatic where land meets sea, with many of his most stunning shots showing the beauty of sand and saltmarsh when seen from above.

Mr Page donates profits from his aerial photography to East Anglian Air Ambulance, the RNLI and other charities. Through the years he has raised tens of thousands of pounds.

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Along with his photographs signed copies of Mike's bestselling books depicting both Norfolk and Suffolk from the air will be on sale.

Mr Page said: 'I consider myself very fortunate, I'm Norfolk born and my two main interests outside my family are photography and flying.

'For over 40 years I have been able to combine the two, spending more time flying, now that I am retired, to build up my library which now totals in excess of 60,000 images.'

He added: 'In the collection of Norfolk and Suffolk images, which I hope will be of great value in the future, I have been privileged to be able to capture a wonderful variety of landscapes.

'I have now produced 14 books of aerial photos, some of which have been best sellers.'

He said the cameras that he used were hand-held when taking photographs through the open window of his Cessna 150 - which was a 'perfect aircraft for photography as it is a high wing aircraft, that is economical to operate and will also fly reasonably slowly'.

Mr Page added: 'Throughout the area I have recorded historic changes and developments in towns and villages, also the devastating effects of coastal erosion and climate change.

'I like to photograph at different times of day for the different effects of lighting on the landscape. The late evening especially provides fantastic colours and shadows.'

? See The gallery is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am-4pm or by appointment on 01263 710222.

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