Students take part in bridge building exercise

R G Carter have been unhdertaking team building sessions and mentoring work with Attleborough Academ

R G Carter have been unhdertaking team building sessions and mentoring work with Attleborough Academy,Pictured is, from left, assistant principal Carmina McConnell, general manager of RG Carter Civil Engineering Alan Smith, group training manager Gilly Wilson- McEwan, designer John Langley and school principal Neil McShane. Picture: ATTLEBOROUGH ACADEMY - Credit: Archant

Students at Attleborough Academy have had the chance to take part in a bridge building exercise with a team of experienced civil engineers.

About 100 Year 12 students took part in the event led by staff from RG Carter.

The students worked in teams to design and build a weight-bearing bridge with only paper, string and tape for the construction.

They had to spend time designing, exploring the dichotomy between aesthetic appeal and maxim load bearing, before working together to construct their designs.

The team that designed the strongest bridge, and the group that produced the best-looking bridge, both won a tub of chocolates for their efforts.

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Alan Smith, general manager of RG Carter, said: 'The objectives of the session were to give an introduction to the engineering process from concept to construction, to make immediate use of new knowledge and give a taste of what engineering is about.

'The students solved the problems extremely well, developed some very creative designs, and through teamwork managed to have fun too.

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'Well done to all students – an excellent effort.'

Since the exercise day the school has been working to develop its relationship with the firm, with the aim of extending the opportunities students through work experience and by developing their knowledge and skills.

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