Students at UEA are being encouraged to be better neighbours

File photo of the University of East Anglia. Picture: Joakim Boren

File photo of the University of East Anglia. Picture: Joakim Boren - Credit: Joakim Boren

Students are being encouraged to be better neighbours across Norwich as part of a new Good Neighbour scheme to help build better relations between students and other residents.

The UEA Students' Union has launched the scheme, which will see students asked to sign a Good Neighbour agreement when they rent a house through the University's HomeLet service. Students living off-campus and renting privately outside the service will also be encouraged to sign up. A sticker will be placed in the windows of houses which are part of the scheme.

Green Party councillor Denise Carlo, who wrote to the UEA Vice-Chancellor Professor David Richardson in June met him in September to discuss her concerns and proposals.

She said: 'Most students want to be good neighbours, and I hope this scheme can help to reassure residents of that. 'We are also working with UEA on better liaison between ward councillors and the university authorities so that where problems do occur in the community, they can be reported and resolved more quickly.'

In her letter to the UEA Vice-Chancellor, Ms Carlo also requested that the University work with Norwich City Council to draw up a plan for accommodating an increased number of students, and publish the details so that local residents can be confident that the authorities are taking action.

UEA plans to increase its student population by 3,000 in the coming years, but some residents are concerned that the city will struggle to absorb this growth.

Ms Carlo said: 'UEA makes an immense contribution to the life of the city, but if it is to grow, there must be a strategy in place. 'New, purpose-built affordable accommodation is required to meet the needs of students and prevent further pressure on the existing housing stock.'

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