Student, 17, left traumatised wondering if faulty defribillator might have saved man’s life in Fenland village

Man dies after suffering cardiac arrest in Benwick - could a faulty defibrillator be to blame?

Man dies after suffering cardiac arrest in Benwick - could a faulty defibrillator be to blame? - Credit: Archant

The mother of a 17-year-old student who rushed to help a man who collapsed wants to know whether a faulty defibrillator her son rushed to get might have saved the man's life.

Wendy Pedley said: 'My son watched this gentleman pass away and is so very angry that because of a low battery he was not able to at least try to save a life.

'The people who were with my son are also disgusted.'

Ryan, a sixth form student at Cromwell Community College, Chatteris, was driving to school when he saw the man fall into a hedge.

'Ryan was the first stop and assist this gentleman,' said his mum Wendy.

'He quickly got help, and CPR began. My son went to fetch the defibrillator from the village school. Luckily the head teacher was able to put in the combination to allow him to take it to the patient.

'The defibrillator was actually on the patient ready to be put in use but unfortunately it said low battery so was not able to be used.'

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She said; 'This is totally disgusting as it possibly could have helped to save a life.

'I will be trying to find out who was responsible for making sure this life saving device is in working order.'

She said her son- who only passed his test a fortnight ago – was left traumatised by the incident.

'We may never know whether that defibrillator could have saved that man's life. 'Those precious seconds could have made the difference.'

Mrs Pedley said it was vital everyone got answers especially the family of the man who died.

'I will also be asking how you would know the combination to get the defibrillator if the school is closed.

'In times such as this incident you need to act quickly.'

Police were called to Whittlesey Road at 8.38am on Friday by the ambulance service.

A witness said: 'A man collapsed in Whittlesey Road, Benwick, this morning.

'He was given CPR by members of the public who then went to retrieve the new community defibrillator they had installed only to find the battery was flat.'

One villager said: 'These should be checked regularly, and we want to know who is at fault for not checking it was done.

'The defibrillator was brought down quick enough so could have saved his life instead we had to wait till one that came with the emergency services.

'I wish to send condolences to his family and my thoughts are with you at this time.'

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