Stradbroke school changes name after becoming an academy

A north Suffolk high school has changed its name after gaining academy status.

Stradbroke High School, which was renamed Stradbroke Business and Enterprise College in 2005 after getting specialist status, has adopted its old name after becoming an academy.

Management at the school will also consult pupils and parents over plans to change the school uniform following the change of direction.

The academy status means that Stradbroke High School is now directly funded by the government, but has to buy-in services from the county council.

Lawrie Hammond, business liaison and head of work-related learning at the school, said funding for specialist status had dried up.

'A lot of people found it silly that we were a college and we were for 11 to 16-year-olds and a lot of us were keen to change back to a high school. We are still keen on business and enterprise and running business classes, but that emphasis maybe relaxed a little,' he said.

Mr Hammond added that they would be looking to introduce a new uniform in September.

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