Stormy weather delays work at Sheringham Shoal windfarm

The severe weather which has battered the north Norfolk coast has delayed construction at Sheringham Shoal's offshore windfarm.

Technicians have not been able to work on the 68 turbines still under construction for safety reasons, as waves of up to five metres high have pounded the site over the past few days.

But the harsh weather has meant the farm's 20 turbines, which are already up and running have been generating plenty of electricity.

Einar Str�msv�g, general manager of Scira Offshore Energy - the joint venture company behind the project - said: 'All our vessels are waiting on weather, we haven't been able to do any construction work over the last few days.

'We have not been able to go off shore because of the wave heights of between four and five metres, and that's more than we can accept from a safety point of view.

'But we're producing very well, that's the positive side of it. There's a lot of electricity from the turbines that are running.'

Mr Str�msv�g said workers were monitoring the forecast closely and hoped to get back on site by Sunday or Monday.

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'We just have to be patient and wait for the weather to improve,' he added. 'The reason why we're in north Norfolk is because it's an excellent place to run the wind farm but it's very difficult to build it in the winter time so we just have to be patient and keep focusing on working on in a safe manner.'

The project has already suffered delays and was due to be completed in early 2012, but this has now been pushed back to the middle of the year.

Further down the coast, Scroby Sands windfarm near Great Yarmouth has been running as normal during the period of severe weather.

? Homes in Aldborough are suffering from a power cut, which has closed the village primary school, and the stormy weather has also caused disruption on roads across the district with trees being blown into the carriageway.

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