Status quo after Waveney elections

Hayley Mace A status quo has been maintained at Waveney District Council with the major parties making only minor gains and losses.Labour and the Conservatives both won two seats and lost two at this morning's count in Lowestoft, maintaining the balance within the council.

Hayley Mace

The Tories have maintained their grip on Waveney District Council with the major parties making only minor gains and losses.

Labour and the Conservatives both won two seats and lost two at this morning's count in Lowestoft, maintaining the balance within the council.

Labour lost its Beccles North seat, which was held by former Beccles mayor Jack Walmsley, to Conservative candidate Gary Ruickbie.

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The group fought hard and won in Harbour, where Nigel Dack took more than 53pc of the votes.

The Conservatives secured a firm victory in Whitton, with Trish Mortimer taking 40.1pc of the votes against 35.8pc cast for the Labour candidate Tod Sullivan.

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Labour candidate Malcolm Pitchers gained more than 35pc of the votes to take Pakefield from the Conservatives.

The Liberal Democrats maintained their presence in Kirkley with Rose Hudson winning more than 46pc of the votes cast. The seat was previously vacant after the retirement of Liberal Democrat David Young last year.

The full results are as follows:

t Beccles North - Conservative held.

Brian Howe (Lib) 75 votes, 4.4pc.

Keith Jenkins (Lab) 272 votes, 15.9pc.

Chris Punt (Con) 728 votes, 42.4pc.

Netta Swallow (Green) 640 votes 37.3pc.

t Beccles South - Conservative gain, Labour lost.

Nicky Elliot (Green) 334 votes, 28.3pc.

Philip Evans (Lib) 97 votes, 8.2pc.

Gary Ruickbie (Con) 397 votes, 33.6pc.

Jack Walmsley (Lab) 354 votes, 29.9pc.

t Bungay - Conservative held.

Christopher Caswell (Lab) 315 votes, 23.3pc.

Paul Jackson (Green) 221 votes, 16.3pc.

David O'Neill (Lib) 161 votes, 11.9pc.

Simon Woods (Con) 655 votes, 48.4pc.

t Carlton- Conservative held.

Steve Ardley (Con) 482 votes, 40.1pc.

Bill Mountford (UKIP) 150 votes, 12.5pc.

Martyn Spore (Lab) 215 votes, 17.9pc.

Chris Thomas (Lib) 309 votes, 25.7pc.

Angela Tregear (Green) 45 votes, 3.7pc.

t Carlton Colville - Two seats, Conservatives held.

Jose Bamonde (Lab) 366 votes, 10.9pc.

Alan Brown (Lab) 451 votes, 13.5pc.

Gary Hall (UKIP) 288 votes, 8.6pc.

Pat Hawes (Con) 873 votes, 26.1pc.

Paul Light (Con) 964 votes, 28.8pc.

Steven Taylor (Lib) 187 votes, 5.6pc.

Eric Wareham (Green) 115 votes, 3.4pc

Karen Wareham (Green) 106 votes, 3.2pc

t Gunton and Corton - Conservative held.

Peter Byatt (Lab) 221 votes, 14.7pc.

Michelle Lavill (Lib) 160 votes, 10.6pc.

Maxine Narburgh (Green) 145 votes, 9.6pc.

Mary Rudd (Con) 979 votes, 65pc.

t Halesworth - Conservative held.

Jen Berry (Green) 246 votes, 16.2pc

Peter Coghill (Lab and Coop) 315 votes, 20.7pc.

Paddy Flegg (Con) 960 votes, 63.1pc.

t Harbour - Labour gain, Conservative lost.

Nigel Dack (Lab) 789 votes, 53pc.

Christopher Goodings (Green) 122 votes, 8.2pc.

Jo Harding (Con) 301 votes, 20.2pc.

Lorraine Lakes (Lib) 126 votes, 8.5pc.

Jane Wilson (Ind) 149 votes, 10pc.

t Kessingland - Conservative held.

Nannette Brown (Lab) 251 votes, 18.3pc.

Bruce Provan (Con) 621 votes, 45.3pc.

Tony Tibberr (Lib) 88 votes, 6.4pc.

Jack Tyler (UKIP) 103 votes, 7.5pc.

Emma Waller (Green) 103 votes, 7.5pc.

t Kirkley - Liberal Democrat held.

Lynn Dack (Lab) 375 votes, 26.5pc.

Kerri Edmondson (Green) 123 votes, 8.7pc.

Rose Hudson (Lib) 660 votes, 46.7pc.

May Reader (Con) 256 votes, 18.1pc.

t Normanston - Labour held.

Brenna Batchelder (Lib) 190 votes, 13pc.

Terry Bromley (Con) 411 votes, 28.1pc.

Jane Mason (Green) 128 votes, 8.7pc.

Keith Patience (Lab) 736 votes, 50.2pc

t Oulton Broad - Conservative held.

Sandy Keller (Con) 621 votes, 48pc.

Jim Russell (Lib) 182 votes, 14.1pc.

Philip Tregear (Green) 106 votes, 8.2pc.

Sarah Webb (Lab) 386 votes, 29.8pc.

t Pakefield Conservative gain, Labour lost.

Stuart Foulger (Con) 656 votes, 31.1pc.

Derek Hackett (UKIP) 412 votes, 19.6pc.

Christopher Leggett (Green) 104 votes, 4.9pc

Malcolm Pitchers (Lab) 756 votes, 35.9pc

Joy Russell (Lib) 179 votes, 8.5pc.

t Southwold and Reydon - Conservative held.

Sue Allen (Con) 708 votes, 44.5pc.

Michael Ladd (Ind) 660 votes, 41.5pc.

Michael Platt (Green) 93 votes, 5.8pc.

Jacki Wheatley (Lab and Coop) 130 votes, 8.2pc.

t St. Margarets - Labour held.

Iftekhar Alam (Con) 578 votes, 30.5pc.

Leslie Batchelder (Lib) 206 votes, 10.9pc.

Bernard Ladd (UKIP) 315 votes, 16.6pc.

Sophie Leggett (Green) 137 votes, 7.2pc.

Paul Widdowson (Lab) 658 votes, 34.7pc.

t Whitton - Conservative gain, Labour lost.

Reginald Allen (Ind) 123 votes, 6.1pc.

Michael Milan (Green) 121 votes, 6pc.

Trish Mortimer (Con) 803 votes, 40.1pc.

Tod Sullivan (Lab) 716 votes, 35.8pc.

Sandra Tonge (Lib) 239 votes, 11.9pc.

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