‘Mesmerising’ spectacle captured by Norfolk dad on way home from work

Starling perched on lichen covered branch in garden. Picture: RSPB

Starling perched on lichen covered branch in garden. Picture: RSPB - Credit: Ray Kennedy (rspb-images.com)

A father-of-two from Norfolk captured a spectacular view of nature in action during his commute home from work.

Kiron Chavda, 37, of Bentley Road in Forncett St Peter, between Long Stratton and Attleborough, was driving near Norwich when he spotted a murmuration of starlings above him.

He said: 'Driving home from work, past the McDonald's in Tuckswood, I noticed something moving in the sky that initially looked like a solid object.

'As I got closer I noticed it was an amazing flock of birds moving across in complete formation and synchronised.

'I believe it was a starling murmuration.'

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Mr Chavda said he filmed the birds for his daughter, four, and son, seven, because they 'would find it mesmerising'.

'Quite often, when we're driving along, my daughter always shouts out 'wow, daddy look at all the birds',' he added.

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'So I thought I'd pull over and take a video of it as I knew they'd both find it magical.

'I've only ever seen something as detailed and co-ordinated like that on wildlife programs to be honest, which is why I found it so fascinating.'

Mr Chavda said a number of people stopped to capture the spectacle.

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