Squid and chips is the future says UEA scientist

Squid and chips could be set to replace cod and chips on dinner tables. Picture: HANS HILLEWAERT/LAU

Squid and chips could be set to replace cod and chips on dinner tables. Picture: HANS HILLEWAERT/LAUREN ROGERS - Credit: Hans Hillewaert/Lauren Rogers

Squid and chips could become the meal of choice for diners enjoying a seafood supper.

Scientists have predicted that global warming is set to result in the dish taking on a distinctly Mediterranean flavour.

Research led by Dr John Pinnegar of Lowestoft based Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), reveals that as UK waters warm due to climate change, cold water fish such as cod are gradually being replaced by warm water species like squid.

Dr Pinnegar, who is honorary reader at the UEA's School of Environmental Sciences, said: 'UK consumers enjoy eating quite a limited range of seafood, but in the long term we will need to adapt our diets. In 2025 and beyond, we may need to replace cod and other old favourites with warm-water species such as squid, mackerel, sardine and red mullet.'

Data shows that squid numbers have increased dramatically over the past 35 years.

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At the same time formerly abundant cod and haddock shoals have moved into colder more northerly waters. I

'Our models for 2025 and beyond suggest that seawater temperature may continue to rise in the future,' explained Dr Pinnegar.

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'As a result, UK waters will become more hospitable for some species and less suitable for others, with the overall result that most commercial species will move northwards.'

Award winning Norfolk chef Galton Blackiston said squid was already becoming a regular fixture on his menus.

Mr Blackiston, who owns the Morston Hall hotel and No1 Cromer fish and chip restaurant, said: 'I love squid, we are using it quite a bit on our menus currently. It is sustainable and if we can catch more of it then that would be great. Squid is seeing a growth in popularity, it is very versatile and something that can be steamed, fried or braised.'

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