Speeders across south Norfolk to be tackled by new police team

Members of the Special Constabulary, PCC Lorne Green and members of the Poringland Community Speed W

Members of the Special Constabulary, PCC Lorne Green and members of the Poringland Community Speed Watch team - Credit: Archant

Speeding motorists who pose problems in south Norfolk communities now face a new police team dedicated to tackling inconsiderate drivers.

The Special Constabulary Speeding Team has been launched and will see its officers complement checks carried out by volunteers in Community Speed Watch teams in the south of the county.

The team will also carry out targeted checks in areas where speeding is raised as a concern and are not covered by Community Speed Watch groups.

PC Jim Squires, south Norfolk engagement officer, said: 'We have a number of Community Speed Watch groups within south Norfolk and the Specials will be supporting the work they're doing by carrying out additional checks on top of those conducted by volunteers.

'The team will carry out a leaflet drop in the immediate vicinity of where speed checks take place, updating local residents on the results and action we've taken.'

Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner Lorne Green attended the launch of the team, which saw speed checks in Poringland.

He said: 'I am delighted to have been able to support this project and to see it embraced by police, volunteers and the wider community.

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'This is a prime example of how, together, we are advancing the fight for improved road safety in Norfolk.

'The purpose of Speed Watch and the Special Constabulary Speeding Team is not to spoil our pleasure in responsible driving, but to protect us from unsafe driving.

'This is community spirit at its best – cooperation between Speed Watch volunteers and our police to keep our roads safe.'

Specials Manager Sue Goode said: 'This is a great example of how our committed volunteers get to experience the world of policing while helping to support local communities and organisations such as Community Speed Watch.

'It's pleasing to see the Specials getting involved with local communities and help to address issues of concern.'

For information on joining Community Speed Watch groups, call PC Jim Squires on 101.

Are you campaigning for road safety in your community? Email anthony.carroll@archant.co.uk

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