Speed watch patrols in Wrentham

For more than two years they have become a common sight along Suffolk's road and a thorn in the side for speeding drivers who put lives at risk with their inconsiderate driving.

Since February 2009 Community Speed Watch volunteers in the county have been carrying our regular speed checks and passing on the details of speeders to police to keep their communities safe.

On Saturday as part of a national speed watch awareness day, Community Speed Watch members were out in force in north Suffolk, with volunteers on patrol in the Lowestoft area with hand held speed detector guns.

In Wrentham Tony Albone, Ian Reeve, Glyn Webster and Philip Wright members from the five strong volunteer group for the village were on patrol in Southwold Road for an hour.

The team has been operating in Wrentham for a year and concentrate on Southwold Road and the A12 to make sure motorists follow the 30mph speed limit.

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And as the four volunteers patrolled Southwold Road on Saturday afternoon there was an added incentive to their speed taming efforts as they all live on the road which has seen cars roaring down there at estimated speeds of up to 80mph.

Although no motorists has been recorded by the group going so fast, the groups's biggest success so far has been reporting a motorist for flouring the 30mph speed limit by travelling at 49mph.

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And the Wrentham volunteers say their efforts appear to be working.

Mr Wright, 62, said: 'I think the traffic has slowed down somewhat. We have achieved what we set out to do a year ago. We all live on Southwold Road so what happens along here is dear to our hearts.'

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