Space Shuttle launch delay for Norwich man, but a sighting of Barack Obama

A Sprowston man's exciting chance to tell the world about NASA's latest space shuttle launch has been postponed until today after problems with the spaceship emerged.He did however get a brief sighting of US President Barack Obama.

Jack Dearlove, 20, is one of 4,000 people chosen from a random ballot to take part in the NASA 'tweetup'.

In return for VIP tours and a closer view of the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour the lucky chosen few are tasked with sharing the atmosphere of the launch with the world via social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Mr Dearlove posted from his Twitter account that the launch had been delayed until 'no earlier than 2.33pm' from Florida's Kennedy Space Center, which will be 7.33pm in the UK.

The former Sprowston High School student updated his blog, saying: 'We've been scrubbed for at least 48 hours because of a heater problem. Essentially they have to drain the tank and check it out.

'Space is like this, however many times it's taken off, space and the Shuttle are not routine.'

Though Mr Dearlove did add: 'One pretty cool thing today though, Obama swung by the Space Center, and boy did you realise it!

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'I stood out by a grassy patch for a little while and watched Marine One fly in (the chopper) but then decided there weren't nearly enough army types to allow the most powerful man in the world to drive past. I did however catch a glimpse of the motorcade as he left the Space Center.'

Read Mr Dearlove's blog at

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