Space shuttle could be glimpsed over Norfolk tonight

The space shuttle will be visible in the skies over Norfolk tonight, as it sets off on its final voyage.

Stargazers say it will reveal itself as a slow moving but very bright 'star' as it passes over the southern UK just 15 to 20 minutes after launch in Florida.

Following behind will be the external fuel tank which will have been jetisonned soon after launch.

The fuel tank will be glowing red as it burns up on re-entry to the earth's atmosphere.

Both should be visible just after 9pm - providing the sky remains cloud-free.

It will pass from west to east through the southern part of the sky just below Leo.

Today's launch will be the shuttle's final voyage after 19 years of spaceflight as the shuttle era nears the end.

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Endeavour and its six-man crew are bound for the International Space Station. They will deliver a �1.2 bn physics experiment and spare station parts. Four spacewalks are planned during the 14 to 16-day mission.

After the flight Endeavour will be decommissioned and sent to the California Science Centre in Los Angeles.

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