Norfolk MP banned from Russia over sanctions

South West Norfolk MP Elizabeth Truss.

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss has been banned from Russia. - Credit: Chris Bishop

A Norfolk MP is among a number of UK cabinet ministers banned from Russia in response to sanctions against the country.

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss, along with prime minister Boris Johnson, has been placed on a Kremlin blacklist published by Russia's foreign ministry.

The department said in a statement the move was due to the “unprecedented hostile actions of the British government, expressed, in particular, in the imposition of sanctions against top officials” in Russia.

A government spokesman said: “The UK and our international partners stand united in condemning the Russian government’s reprehensible actions in Ukraine and calling for the Kremlin to stop the war. We remain resolute in our support for Ukraine.”

Defence secretary Ben Wallace, justice secretary Dominic Raab and former PM Theresa May are also believed to be on the list.

It comes as Russian troops restarted assaults on the Ukrainian capital after a brief reprieve.