Norfolk and Suffolk elections 2021: Conservative gain in the south

Counting underway at the Norfolk Showground Arena for the 2021 local election

Counting underway at the Norfolk Showground Arena for the 2021 local election - Credit: Neil Didsbury

The Conservatives have maintained their hold in the battle for South Norfolk and took a seat in the process.

In the battle for the district, the Conservatives returned West Depwade to the party, a seat which they won in 2017 but subsequently lost when Beverley Spratt left the party. 

Mr Spratt held the seat for the Tories since 2005, but was not selected to defend it, so had become an independent. He lost out to Barry Duffin.

The victorious Long Stratton Conservative incumbent, Alison Thomas, said: "I am delighted.

"I am thrilled to have this opportunity to see Long Stratton through the development of its bypass and ensure that whatever comes forward throughout the planning process deals with resident's concerns about drainage and flooding.

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"We need to make sure it faces a robust scrutiny process to give people confidence that it isn't going to exacerbate the issues."

Ms Thomas thanked the electorate for returning her to County Hall.

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Robert Savage, a returning conservative councillor, said he was proud to have been elected by the people of Wymondham.

"I'm proud to serve for the district of Wymondham and for the residents.

"I would like to thank them for their giving me this opportunity.

"On the doorstep, road safety was one of the major issues and I intend to focus on that."

Mr Savage said it had been a good set of elections for the Conservatives, both in Norfolk and across the UK, which he said was a "good thing for the country."

The South Norfolk results in full:

Clavering: Alison Green (L) 369, Barry Stone (C) 1742, Ian Stone (LD) 947, Eric Wareham (G) 484. CON HOLD. Turnout: 39.35pc.

CostesseySharon Blundell (LD) 1387, John Irving (C) 1261, Jamal Sealey (L) 730, Owen Watkins (G) 283. LIB DEM HOLD. Turnout: 29.64pc.

Diss and RoydonKeith Kiddie * (C) 1512, Pam Reekie (L) 454, David Reynolds (G) 259, Trevor Wenman (LD) 594. CON HOLD. Turnout: 36.06pc.

East Depwade: Bernard Chauly (LD) 227, James Eddy (L) 463, Andrew Newby (G) 330, Martin Wilby * (C) 1700. CON HOLD. Turnout: 34.48pc.

Forehoe: Ian Boreham (G) 363, Vivienne Clifford-Jackson (LD) 979, Daniel Elmer (C) 1622, Tom Matthews (Reform) 64, John Morland (L) 531. CON HOLD. Turnout: 37.29pc.

Henstead: David Fairbairn (LD) 1044, Chris Smith (L) 523, Vic Thomson * (C) 1744, Julie Young (G) 409. CON HOLD. Turnout: 41.92pc.

Hingham: Gary Blundell (LD) 263, Kendra Cogman (L) 357, Margaret Dewsbury * (C) 1644, Victoria Walters (G) 440. CON HOLD. Turnout: 39.75pc.

Humbleyard: Janet Bearman (G) 494, David Bills * (C) 2087, Simon Chapman (L) 971, Julian Halls (LD) 426. CON HOLD. Turnout: 38.03pc.

LoddonKay Mason Billig (C) 2007, Jeremy Rowe (L) 1372, Gill Stone (LD) 342. CON HOLD. Turnout: 42.88pc.

Long Stratton: Shaun Button (G) 275, Jon Norton (LD) 260, Alison Thomas * (C) 1763, David Vail (L) 515. CON HOLD. Turnout: 35.41pc.

West Depwade: Barry Duffin (C) 1632, Bob McClenning (LD) 394, Alyson Read (L) 478, Carol Sharp (G) 349, Beverley Spratt * (I) 888. CON GAIN FROM IND (Bev Spratt who had held the seat left the Conservatives to go Independent). Turnout: 40.73pc.

Wymondham: Christopher Bunting (L) 561, Suzanne Nuri-Nixon (LD) 1305, Robert Savage (C) 1837, Paul Sutcliff (G) 262. CON HOLD.

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