Somerleyton Primary School pupils enjoy traditional Penny and Bun Day occasion

Youngsters from Somerleyton primary school enjoy penny bun day at Somerleyton Hall. PHOTO: Nick But

Youngsters from Somerleyton primary school enjoy penny bun day at Somerleyton Hall. PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Somerleyton Hall opened its doors to pupils from the village primary school as part of an annual occasion dating back more than 150 years.

More than 60 pupils, aged between four and 11, from Somerleyton Primary School excitedly collected a 50p piece and an iced bun from the Hon Hugh Crossley and his wife Lara, February 22, as part of Penny and Bun Day.

The tradition of Penny and Bun Day has taken place since the 1840s when Lowestoft entrepreneur Sir Morton Peto lived at the hall, overseeing extensive refurbishment work inside the building and in the grounds.

Somerleyton Primary School headteacher Louise Spall said: 'The school building has its own history and as a school we think it is important to think about the past while moving forward- this is part of the school's strengths.

'We always look forward to Penny and Bun Day and the children always get excited.

'As we go every year, our Year Six pupils like to reflect back on their trips to the hall for Penny Bun Day as it gives them many fond memories.'

The pupils earnt their tasty treats through musical and singing performances they gave to Hon Hugh Crossley and his wife Lara, ahead of their performance at Snape Maltings Concert Hall as part of the Celebration of Schools' Music later this year.

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During the musical performance pupils played an array of instruments including flutes, violas and cellos with performance pieces incorporating different types of rhythm such as Tango.

Year Six pupil, Eden, said: 'This is the seventh time I have done Penny and Bun Day. It's always really fun singing there and the buns are really tasty especially when you can eat them with your friends

Reception pupil, Oliver, added: 'I enjoyed eating the buns and we got 50p coins. I liked singing and look forward to doing it again next year.'

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