Norfolk mum’s slow cooker fry-up gets ‘overwhelming’ reaction

The slow cooker full English is getting a lot of attention. Photo: Sonia Cheetham

The slow cooker full English is getting a lot of attention. Photo: Sonia Cheetham - Credit: Sonia Cheetham

A mum of two from the Dereham area has set a trend for cooking fry-ups in a slow cooker.

Sonia Cheetham, 36, from Little Fransham, first suggested that people try cooking a full English in a slow cooker on the Facebook group Slow Cooker Wonders at the beginning of this month.

Since then her suggestion has gone viral, with a post sharing her idea receiving more than 27,000 shares on Facebook and recognition on ITV's This Morning.

Miss Cheetham said: 'I use my slow cooker all the time and try loads of different things in it. I got sick of the fuss of fry-ups and the smoky smell so I thought I'd give it a go.

'Having cooked the sausages standing up I found that they cook and taste better than when you fry them as they're cooked slowly over night so the flavour is really tasty.'

The mum of two said her slow cooker full English is a hit with her two daughters and that she loves how easy and hassle free it is to make.

'You can do it for a school night,' she said. 'It's as easy as pouring your kids a bowl of cereal.'

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Miss Cheetham advised not to add any oil or water to the slow cooker when making the meal, she just adds a knob of butter to her mushrooms and turns it on low for around nine hours.

'As a type one diabetic who has to watch my health, it's great that this method doesn't need as much fat added to cook as when you fry,' she continued.

Sonia Cheetham. Photo: Sonia Cheetham

Sonia Cheetham. Photo: Sonia Cheetham - Credit: Sonia Cheetham

Miss Cheetham described the reaction to her idea on social media and in the press as 'overwhelming'.

She said: 'My kids have been going into school and telling everyone that I'm famous.'

Will you be trying a slow cooker fry-up? Let us know in the comments.

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