Sizewell nuclear power station blockaded

Sizewell nuclear power station in Suffolk is currently blockaded by anti-nuclear campaigners.

Several people masked as fish locked themselves together across the entrance of Sizewell A and B from 7am today.

They claim that the nuclear operators and the Nuclear Installations Inspectorate (NII) have not taken the possibility of flooding and coastal erosion at the Sizewell plants into proper consideration.

One of the campaigners, Mell Harrison, 39, an education coordinator from Geldeston and from the Stop Nuclear Power Network, said: 'One of the reasons we are here today is to highlight the plans and dangers of storing radioactive waste at Sizewell until 2130. That is 129 years away. We have no idea what effect climate change and coastal erosion will have on this area.'

Another protester, Emma Bateman, 42, Lowestoft, added: 'We see coastal erosion happening along the Suffolk and Norfolk coast everyday and yet nuclear power stations are built virtually on the beach. One storm and the beach in front of Sizewell can be gone and the waves will be lapping at the foundations of the nuclear plant.'

The protesters also demanded to see 'firm contingency plans on how all nuclear material would be removed from the site in a short period of time if sea level rises and/or coastal erosion threatened the safety at the site'.

Peter Lux, 48, from Geldeston, said: 'Sizebell B was shut down last year from March to September because of serious problems in the primary cooling circuit. Yesterday, it was taken off line at 4am, again because of problems with a pump which is part of the cooling circuit. Cooling is crucial in a nuclear reactor, and to have problems in this part of a nuclear power station is jeopardizing safety.'

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They also called the current consultation process 'a crude justification process for what has already been decided'. The current consultation on the siting of new nuclear power stations is currently under scrutiny.

Sizewell has seen several blockades in the last couple of years since it was suggested as a possible site for new nuclear build.