Silver wedding celebrations put on hold as the Olympic flame comes to Hethersett, Norwich

Silver wedding celebrations have been put on hold by a Little Melton couple thanks to the London Olympic flame coming to Hethersett.

Tim and Julie Cooke will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary the day before the arrival of the flame at Hethersett High School on July 5.

But there will be no breakfast in bed for the Cooke's the morning after their silver day as they get up early to be in place on the high school field by 6am.

The Cooke's were originally planning a romantic getaway, but soon cancelled their plans when they heard about the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the flame.

Mr Cooke said: 'I was planning a surprise trip away but then realised that there is so much happening with the Euro football championships, the Olympics and everything that is taking place in Hethersertt that we decided to stay at home.'

Mrs Cooke added: 'It's going to be a great summer here at home and we realise all the hard work that has gone into bringing the flame to Hethersett. We felt we just had to support it.'

On the day of their anniversary, the couple intend going to Norwich to see the torch relay.

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Their daughters Lauren, 18, and Sophie, 16, both current and former pupils of the school said they are excited the flame will be coming to Hethersett.

Miss Cooke said: 'We really enjoy a good family time and it's going to be a great summer.'

The Cookes are planning a family visit to Ibiza later in the year when all the excitement has died down.

Arrangements have been published for the flame's visit to Hethersett on July 5.

The grounds will be open to the public from 5.30 am and those attending are asked to be in place by 6am.

The flame will arrive in a two vehicle convoy at just after 6.20am and it will then be securely walked through to where the general public will be congregated on the rear High School Field.

Hethersett residents are being urged to walk or cycle to the venue to ease traffic congestion.

Flags of competing nations will be given to the first 204 children of all ages who arrive.

Organisers have pointed out that the flame will not be touring the village.

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