‘Another business bites the dust’: Shoppers react to shock Tesco closure

Tesco Metro, London Road North, Lowestoft. Picture: Greta Levy

Tesco Metro, London Road North, Lowestoft. Picture: Greta Levy - Credit: Archant

Members of the community have shared their dismay following yesterday's shock announcement the Tesco Metro was closing in a coastal town.

Tesco Metro, London Road North in Lowestoft. Picture: Greta Levy

Tesco Metro, London Road North in Lowestoft. Picture: Greta Levy - Credit: Archant

A spokesperson from Tesco confirmed its store on London Road North, Lowestoft will shut up shop permanently on September 28.

"We have today announced to colleagues that we have taken the difficult decision to close our Lowestoft Metro store on London Road North.

"Our priority now is to explain what this announcement means for our colleagues and wherever possible, offer them alternative roles with Tesco.

"We would like to thank all our customers who have shopped in our store and we will continue to do our best to serve them through our other local stores, including our Superstore on Leisure Way," they said.

Tesco Metro on London Road North in Lowestoft. Picture: Greta Levy

Tesco Metro on London Road North in Lowestoft. Picture: Greta Levy - Credit: Archant

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Reacting to the news on the Lowestoft Journal's Facebook page, shoppers were quick to comment on how "run down" the town had become and blamed parking restrictions to the demise of the high street.

Lottie Perry said: "This should be a thriving town that has a great seafront and beach. Wake up!"

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Val Bird said: "I think it's the parking that is the problem, people no longer bus into town to shop!"

While Steve Hardy commented: "It's been dead for quite some time, just another nail in the coffin really."

Others described the closure as "mental" and expressed disappointment for the staff, it's elderly shoppers and those who may be less mobile or don't have a car.

Anna Gensberg said: "I feel sorry for the elderly or other people who use this Tesco who don't have transportation or the money to get themselves anywhere else to shop, such a shame another business bites the dust sadly the internet doesn't help as so many people shop online we are not the only town suffering sadly."

Anna Osborne said: "Gutted. Feel for those who don't drive including myself. Only one choice now a walk up to Morrisons, I wont be using Tescos no more."

And Jane Millington said: "Tesco should think about the community and not just about increasing profit every year. The staff are so friendly and it always seems busy. I will miss it."

Shoppers also speculated what would replace the empty store, claiming no new stores, other than vape businesses and charity stores have opened in the town centre.

Jill Baker, who lives in Lowestoft, said: "Let's face it - this town is dead, it is not really surprising Tesco is closing down.

"We would come to this Tesco everyday but now this town is dead for shopping - what will they put in for its place, another charity store or another vape shop?

Peter Adams said: "Most of the established stores that have closed recently in the town centre are still empty. The town isn't changing, it's dying."

Julie Read agreed, claiming: "Too many charity shops, coffee shops too near each other and now bloody vape shops. I buy clothes food etc online. I don't eve go argos anymore. Lowestoft is definitely dying, and we will lose tourists."

Emma Cook said: "Shocked to see this, I always pop there for bits when I'm in town, it's so handy, there'll be no reason to go to town soon!!"

Waveney MP Peter Aldous described the closure as a "disappointment" for the town but ensured he will work with the council and Lowestoft Vision to give the high street "a new identity".

He said: "In the short term, there are various concerns, including for the staff who work there - it is important to find them alternative employment within the Tesco company and Tesco have said they will offer alternative roles and I will urge Tesco to find alternative employment."

Looking ahead, Mr Aldous said he will urge the property owner to consider future food retailers who may be interested in the site.

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