Sheringham Post Office may be ‘relocated’

The Post Office branch at Starlings toy shop in Sheringham is under-threat.

The Post Office branch at Starlings toy shop in Sheringham is under-threat. - Credit: Google

Uncertainty surrounds the future of the Post Office in Sheringham this week.

The branch located within Starlings toy store, in the town's High Street, is under review.

It is understood it could be moved as part of a cost-cutting exercise.

Postmaster David Starling said: 'All I can tell you is that it may be relocated within the town centre.'

When asked if he would like to keep the Post Office branch within the store, he added: 'It could be we could keep it – it's not going at the moment.'

Local residents who rely on the Post Office described this week's announcement as 'distressing'. The nearest alternative branch is a 10-mile round-trip away in Cromer.

One said: 'The role of postmaster/mistress is a cost the Royal Mail can no longer fund and unless some rescue plan is forthcoming then the closure is only a matter of time. I use the post office about once a month and its closure will only be an irritant, but for those more dependent on being able to walk to it the future is bleak.'

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The Post Office has confirmed the future of the branch is under review as part of its modernisation programme.

It is inviting applications from local businesses interested in forming a partnership for its Sheringham outlet, with a closing date of April 15.

A spokesperson for the Post Office said: 'As part of a major modernisation plan for our network of branches we have asked our Postmasters whether they want to stay and for their branch to be modernised or whether they want to leave subject to us finding a suitable local retailer to take on the branch.

'The current Postmaster (in Sheringham) has expressed an interest to leave the network, subject to us finding a suitable replacement premises and applicant. The vacancy has recently being placed on our website. We are committed to maintaining a Post Office in Sheringham.'

The Cromer branch of the Post Office, at Budgens in the town's High Street, was modernised last year as part of its biggest ever branch modernisation programme.

The Post Office spokesperson explained: 'Modernisation can take place at an existing or a new location. We are installing modern counter/s. In smaller branches it is an open-plan counter/s alongside the retail till. At larger branches there may be a variety of different styles of counter including open-plan counter, full screened counters and open-plan counter alongside the retail counter.

'As part of modernising branches we are extending the opening hours for the convenience of customers. Modernised branches are now open on Saturday afternoon and many are also open on a Sunday. The Post Office will normally operate the same opening hours as the store where it is located.'

Businesses interested in taking on the Post Office in Sheringham are invited to make their interest known online at:

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