Seven weeks of road closures in Barford

Work to improve drainage on a road in Barford, which begins on Monday, will see parts of the village closed for a total of seven weeks.

A new carrier drain, gullies and catchpits will be installed and the road surface will be replaced as part of the improvements on Chapel Street and Church Lane.

The new drainage system will link to a pond on private land to the east of Cock Street.

Minor drainage works will take place in Park Avenue at its junction with Eastleigh Gardens.

Three sections of Church Lane and Chapel Street – from 50m west of Cock Street to a point 75m east of it – will have to be closed at different times while the work is carried out.

The first closure will be to the east of Cock Street and will last about three weeks. A diversion along Chapel Street, Marlingford Road, Church Road, Landlow Road, Watton Road and Cock Street will be in place.

All HGVs will be sent along an alternative route via the A47.

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The second closure will be to the west of Cock Street for another three weeks with traffic sent along Church Lane, Norwich Road, Spur Road, Watton Road and Cock Street.

The final closure – for re-surfacing work – will extend across Cock Street and will last about one week.

That will see both of the previous diversion routes in use with no access to Chapel Street or Church Lane, except to reach properties.

The work, which will cost �59,105, will be carried out by Norfolk County Council's environment, transport and development department.