Sensor issue leaves people stranded on ride at Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft

Jo Malone and her family at Pleasurewood Hills.Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Jo Malone and her family at Pleasurewood Hills.Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

A sensor issue was the cause of why a ride stopped at Pleasurewood Hills yesterday afternoon, leaving 14 people stuck.

The Wipeout rollercoaster stopped at 2pm , leaving the 14 riders looking at the ground for 30 minutes, as the ride stopped on a descent.

One visitor to the park said the ride remained closed for the rest of the afternoon, but it was reopened on Sunday.

While no-one is thought to have been injured, reports said some felt unwell.

After the riders were freed by park staff, they were given tin foil and hot drinks to keep them warm, and also had first aid checks.

A spokesman for the Pleasurewood Hills theme park in Lowestoft said: 'At 2pm yesterday the Wipeout ride stopped at 2pm and the riders were stuck for 30 minutes.

'This was down to the ride automatically stopping due to an issue with the ride sensor. 'There was no mechanical failure with the ride itself and there was never any risk to the riders on board.'

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