See Norwich city centre from an aerial perspective

Taken from a hot air balloon

Taken from a hot air balloon - Credit:

They're fine views of a Fine City... Sarah Knights captured a whole new perspective of Norwich on a hot air balloon trip.

Sarah said of the trip, taken for her husband's birthday: 'This was the first available date to book and we were incredibly lucky with the weather.

'It was an early morning flight, and you have to go where the wind takes you, and in this case it took us right over the city centre.'

Sarah and her husband, from Newton St Faith, went on a hot air balloon flight 10 years ago which happened to fall on her birthday but the wind took them over the countryside. Birthday celebrations are one of the most popular occasions for a flight, with one company reporting that 50pc of its flights are birthday gifts.

Maybe it was a bit of good fortune that steered the Knights and the two other passengers in the balloon right over the city sights this time round.

Mrs Knights said: 'They were from Cambridge and didn't know Norwich at all, so we were pointing out the sights to them as they unfolded beneath us.

'No matter how many times we did the trip again, we'd be lucky for the wind to take us the same route.'