Second sheep rescued from 20ft bridge in less than a week

Two sheep had lucky escapes this week after they became stuck on ledges under a road bridge over the

Two sheep had lucky escapes this week after they became stuck on ledges under a road bridge over the River Great Ouse Picture RSPCA - Credit: RSPCA

It's been a baaaad week for sheep in West Norfolk as another was rescued from a 20ft high bridge.

Curiosity seems to have got the better of a flock of sheep in Stowbridge as the RSPCA and Norfolk Fire Service were called to rescue their second sheep of the week from a road bridge.

The woolly animal was found stuck under the road bridge over the River Great Ouse at The Causeway yesterday (Thursday, May 24).

The latest rescue came just four days after another sheep had to be helped down from a ledge on the very same bridge.

The sheep was found at around 6pm yesterday evening and when RSPCA inspector Jon Knight was called to help, the situation sounded all too familiar.

'It was a real case of deja vu, for me,' he said. 'When I jumped in my van and read the notes from the emergency call I just couldn't believe that another sheep had got stuck on the same bridge, just four days after the first.

'Thankfully, the fire service were fantastic and safely encouraged the sheep backwards along the ledge onto the riverbank, where he could be reunited with the flock.'

On Sunday, May 20, a sheep had been spotted after he became stuck on a different ledge under the river bridge.

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With the tide beginning to come in, the situation was becoming more and more risky for the sheep, but luckily the callers contacted the RSPCA along with the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service, who launched two boats to reach the sheep and see him to safety.

Inspector Knight added: 'Neither of the sheep would have been able to get themselves to safety without our help, and on both occasions Norfolk Fire and Rescue's special water rescue equipment was absolutely essential.

'After both rescues, the sheep were none the worse for wear and they were returned to the flock.

'It's very unusual that just four days after rescuing one sheep, we were called out to rescue a second on the very same bridge. It must be a very curious and brave flock!

'I'm really grateful for the help we received from Norfolk Fire and Rescue, and was pleased that in both situations we were able to assist and see the sheep safely back to the flock. We'll now need to see if steps can be taken to keep these woolly wanderers in check.'

If you see an animal in distress you can call the RSPCA's emergency line on 0300 1234 999.