'He was really lost' - Seal pup rescued after getting stranded on farmland

Seal pup found in farmland in Norfolk village, Thornham near King's Lynn

A seal pup, named as George Stubbs, was found far from the beach in farmland in a west Norfolk village. - Credit: RSPCA

A seal pup was found a long way from the sea after ending up on farmland in Norfolk.

The pup, who has since been named George Stubbs, was discovered by a member of the public on farmland in Thornham.

The RSPCA rescued the seal, thought to between three and five weeks old, and he is now in its care.

Seal pup fund on farmland in Thornham, King's Lynn, west Norfolk

The pup had travelled further inland and ended up by the roadside next to some farmland in Thornham - Credit: RSPCA

It is thought George had been "washed up" after a high tide before continuing his journey further inland. 

He was found very underweight and weak on Thursday, January 13, by animal rescue officer Paige Burnham who took him to the RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre.

Ms Burnham said: “I was really surprised to see how far George had gone inland, he was really lost.

“We think that he had washed up after a high tide - but then kept traveling further and further inland.

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"When I collected him he was quite close to a roadside.

“He was underweight and weak and would not have survived on his own - so I took him to our wildlife centre for some much needed TLC and fish soup.”

George is now recovering well and it is hoped he will make a good recovery.

Seal pup found on farmland in Norfolk village, Thornham, King's Lynn, west Norfolk

George weighed only 9kg when he was found by RSPCA rescue officer Paige Burnham - Credit: RSPCA

Evangelos Achilleos, centre manager, added: “When our wildlife supervisor examined George they found he had mud and grass in his mouth and we believe he had also swallowed some pebbles as he had a lot of dirt that had to be removed from the roof of his mouth. 

“He is doing okay, is still very small, but is feeding well on fish soup.

"We are monitoring him closely and hope that he will make a good recovery so that we can then return him back to the wild where he belongs.”

The RSPCA has reminded the public that if you see a sick or injured seal pup, you should stay at a safe distance and keep other animals, such as dogs, away from the animal, and never try to return the seal to the water yourself.

If you are concerned about a seal, you cam contact the RSPCA's emergency line on 0300 1234 999.