Seal pup rescued after found washed up on Caister beach

A seal pup was rescued on Caister beach. Photo: Caister Coastwatch

A seal pup was rescued on Caister beach. Photo: Caister Coastwatch - Credit: Caister Coastwatch

A malnourished seal pup has been rescued from Caister beach by members of the village's Coastwatch organisation.

The pup was spotted by two watchkeepers, Linda Ibbitson-Elks and Geoff Pringle, near the Caister Lifeboat Station on Sunday.

The pup was malnourished and in distress so it did not have the strength to take itself back to the sea.

The watchkeepers phoned Seal Rescue as they thought it was one that had been reported earlier at Great Yarmouth.

The pup was kept wet to try and prevent dehydration.

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There were a lot of people around and dogs running lose in the area, so to prevent any more distress to the pup, the watchkeepers asked people to give it a wide berth and to keep their dogs away.

The seal pup was taken to the RSPCA at East Winch in King's Lynn to be cared for.

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The two watchkeepers took it in turns to man the area and look after the seal until the RSPCA arrived.

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