Sacred Heart School lunch brings home great divide

The divide between the world's rich and poor was brought home to pupils during a thought-provoking lunch at Swaffham's Sacred Heart Convent School.

A 'rich and poor' meal was held on Wednesday to explore the issue of world poverty and mark the beginning of Lent.

The whole school sat on the floor of the gym and ate a frugal meal of bread, cheese, an apple and water, while two pupils, who were selected at random, enjoyed a three-course banquet of their choice at the top table.

Head teacher Sister Francis Ridley said about 150 staff and pupils had eaten the 'poor lunch' and this represented the millions of people living around the globe battling poverty, compared to the affluent few who live in luxury.

'It was a good reminder to everyone that we are beginning Lent and that we have to think of others who are less fortunate than ourselves,' she added.

The money saved by serving the basic lunch will be donated to the Sacred Heart mission in Uganda.

Pupils at the school, in Mangate Street, will continue to think about charities and which ones they would like to help over the coming weeks.

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The lucky pair selected for the banquet enjoyed stuffed mushrooms, salmon, rice and lemon cheesecake, all served by the catering manager.