RSPCA offer advice on young deers that appear to be abandoned

This young roe deer was found alone in a garden in Market Weston, near Diss. But the RSPCA are offer

This young roe deer was found alone in a garden in Market Weston, near Diss. But the RSPCA are offering advice for people to monitor young deers before reporting them because often the mother does come back. Picture:Submitted - Credit: Archant

This beautiful young roe deer caused concern when it was spotted in a garden in Market Weston, near Diss.

The homeowner called the RSPCA after fearing for its welfare because it was on its own.

RSPCA inspector Jason Finch checked the fawn over but said it is not unusual for baby deer to look as though they have been abandoned.

He said: 'Whilst it may look as though a young deer has been abandoned, actually their mother will only visit them once or twice a day and is out feeding the rest of the time.

'This could happen at night which means you would almost never see the kid being tended to.'

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The summer months means it will be more common for people to see young deer and Mr Finch has said unless the deer looks to be in immediate danger or is showing signs of injury he would advise people to monitor from a safe distance and see if the mother returns.'

Young deer do not give off a scent so they do not to attract the attention of predators.

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Mr Finch was able to leave the deer in the garden - the RSPCA do not relocate or take in a healthy deer because it is stressful for them and can result in their death.

If you are concerned about a deer you know is orphaned or in danger call the RSPCA on 0300 123 4999.

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