RSPCA investigation into ‘heart-breaking’ dog cruelty in Norwich

An RSPCA inspector has described two separate incidents of animal cruelty in Norwich this week as 'heart-breaking'.

The RSPCA is now appealing for information about both incidents, one of which left a dog badly needing veterinary care and the other concerning a dog which was found dead in the River Wensum.

The first incident involved a dog which was abandoned in the Bawburgh area, west of Norwich, on Tuesday.

The dog, a black Shar Pei, was found by a member of the public who then took him to a local vet with an injury to his neck which is believed to have been caused by a rope.

The rope had cut through the dog's fur and caused a deep wound to his skin. He was also suffering from an ear infection, which could have made him shake his head continuously, causing the rope to rub and cut into his neck.

The dog, which has been named Captain, is not neutered or microchipped.

His injuries are being treated by Companion Care Vets on Longwater Business Park, where he was also found to be suffering from an eye infection.

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The second incident involved a Staffordshire bull terrier which was removed from the river near St Martin's Close, near to Wensum Park in Norwich on Wednesday.

The dog had been tied up with rope and wrapped inside some bin bags. A log had then been tied to the body.

It is not known if the dog died before he was put into the water, but there were no other signs of injuries. It is thought the dog had been in the river for up to four days.

The dog was not microchipped, was unneutered, had no collar and was white with tan patches. He was quite old, had poor teeth and ingrown claws.

RSPCA inspector Carrie O'Riordan, who is investigating both incidents, said: 'It is just heart-breaking to deal with such sad incidents of animal cruelty.

'I am horrified by both incidents and clearly want to find the people responsible for them. We are not linking these incidents at all, but would appeal for anyone with any information about either incident to get in touch.

'People can not be allowed to get away with such despicable acts of cruelty.'

Under the Animal Welfare Act those found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal face a �20,000 fine and/or six months in prison.

RSPCA East are now appealing for information from anyone who knows what happened to the two dogs.

- Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call the RSPCA cruelty line on 0300 1234 999.

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