Royal favourite tops Norfolk name list

The Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton was one of last year's big highlights and it seems to have left a lasting impression on local parents.

William topped the annual list as the most popular name chosen for baby boys in the EDP birth announcements in 2011.

Following closely behind were Joshua and Toby. Joshua was a new entry to the boys' names list, while Toby was less prominently placed last year.

The next most popular is Alex/Alexander followed by Alfie, Benjamin, Edward, Freddie/Frederick, Jacob, Harry, Leo, Oliver and Samuel.

Rosemary Dixon, EDP librarian who compiled the list from the birth announcements in the EDP throughout the year, said: 'The trend for diminutives is undiminished from previous years, with such names as Alfie, Archie, Ted and Bertie finding favour. Unusual names are fewer this year, two spotted are Brayden and Jacy.'

In the girls' name list the most popular name is a variation on a favourite for the past few years – Isabel.

Spelled in various ways and with or without an A on the end, it is a clear favourite with Norfolk parents.

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It has been suggested that the name has become increasingly popular because of the Twilight books and films.

Isabella 'Bella' Swan is the fictional protagonist of the Twilight series, written by Stephenie Meyer. Male characters include Edward and Jacob, which also feature on our list.

Isabel is followed by Lily/Lilly, which also took second place in our list last year.

Third spot is shared by Amelia/Amelie, Ella and variations on that name, and a new entry to our list, Evelyn. Following closely were Ava, Emily, Evie, Poppy and Sofia.

Girls were also often given hyphenated names, with examples including Charlotte-May, Lilly-Rose and Mollie-Rose.

Unusual names include Naveah, Pebbles, Vega and Wren.

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