City mosque to cook 120 meals a week for the homeless

members of Rose Lane mosque

The East Anglian Bangladesh Trust, at Rose Lane mosque is producing 120 curries every week to ensure Norwich's homeless have free access to cooked food throughout December. - Credit: East Anglian Bangladesh Trust

A Norwich mosque has teamed up with St Martins Housing Trust to ensure the city's homeless have free access to cooked meals throughout December.

The East Anglian Bangladesh Trust at the Rose Lane mosque is producing 120 chicken and vegetable curries a week which local Labour activists are then distributing to hostels across Norwich.

Dr Jan Sheldon, chief executive of St Martins Housing Trust, said: "We are very fortunate that in the city of Norwich there is accessible food provision for people who are sleeping rough or homeless.

"However, there is limited cooked meals available on Sundays and the Rose Lane Mosque has committed itself to fill that gap, this will make all the difference.”

Jalal Uddin, the chairman of the board of trustees at the Rose Lane Mosque, said the Bangladeshi community in Norwich saw it as their duty to help those in need.

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