Rising number of parents win first choice secondary school places in Suffolk

Nine out of 10 parents in Suffolk will get letters today confirming their children have places at th

Nine out of 10 parents in Suffolk will get letters today confirming their children have places at their chosen secondary school . Picture: Barry Batchelor/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Hundreds more families have won a choice at their favoured secondary school in Suffolk this year despite increased pressures over places.

Around nine in 10 parents will receive letters today (Wednesday) confirming their 11-year-olds have received a place at their chosen school.

This year, Suffolk County Council received 7,171 applications from parents and carers indicating which secondary school they would prefer their child to be educated at from September 2017 in year seven.

A total of 93.17 per cent of Suffolk families (6,681 out of 7,171) will receive their first choice today, named National Offer Day. This is the highest for three years and continues an upward trend. A further 3.68pc received their second choice.

Gordon Jones, Suffolk County Council's cabinet member for children's services, education and skills, said: 'It is extremely positive to see that we have been able to offer a preferred school to the majority of applicants this year.

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'We use published criteria to decide who has priority for places so that the process is fair and clear. We do, however, understand that some families may be disappointed or anxious about the offer we have made.

'When a parent's preference is refused, we will put their child's name on the waiting list for that school automatically and tell them how they can make an appeal, should they wish to do so.

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'Starting secondary school is an important moment for any child, so the more we can do to make the transition right for the student, the better.'

Any parents or carers with children born between September 1, 2005 and August 31, 2006 and who have not yet applied for a school place should make an application immediately by downloading the CAF1 application form via www.suffolk.gov.uk/admissions For more on the school offers visit the county council's school admissions FAQ page.

More than half (57 per cent) of authorities nationwide, 85 in total, have seen a fall in the proportion of 11-year-olds offered their first secondary school preference over the past five years.

And around two-thirds, 98 councils (65pc), have seen a drop in overall choices during this time.

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